Outdoor AED cabinet

Outdoor cabinets

Wheaterproof metal cabinet (IP56 protection class) for standing outdoor:
- Heating system and visual control of temperature (LCD display);
- Warning alarm with remote control;
- Designed with rounded corners;
- Suitable for all AED’s with internal adjustable shelf height;
- “Chain of survival” instructions silk printed;
- Locking system with breaking seal configuration.

- Internal surveillance camera for recording of AED’s user;
- Ventilation system automatically activated by a temperature over 35° C;
- Cabinet internal lighting system for night view;
- Electrical safety checking system with power failure alert by SMS;
- Customized Totem versions available;

- SMS or voice message early alarm (e.g. to activate EMS) in case of:
1. Cabinet opening;
2. Defibrillator’s extraction;
3. AED’s failure indicator on.

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Internal AED cabinet with Video Screen

Internal cabinets

This cabinet is a high communication impact tool:
- the Video Screen could show how to use a defibrillator,
- raise public awareness,
- advertise the life saving initiative and appealing potential new sponsors.

Link video:
- Metal cabinet with fast door magnetic opening;
- Display for viewing video;
- Warning alarm with remote control;
- Designed with rounded corners;
- Suitable for all AED’s.

Internal AED cabinet

Internal cabinets

- Metal cabinet with fast door magnetic opening;
- Warning alarm with remote control;
- Designed with rounded corners;
- Suitable for all AED’s;
- “Chain of survival” instructions silk printed.

AED Proximus Software


Through a centralized management system you can:
• remotely monitor your Defibrillator, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
• be warned in case of AED’s or cabinet malfunction;
• automatically call the Emergency Medical Services in case of open cabinet and/or extraction of device;
• simultaneously alert thousands of rescuers;
• plan and manage maintenance;
• remotely schedule cabinet’s functionality;
• manage AED’s deadlines (electrodes, battery, warranty, etc.) with a reminder function;
• video surveillance of the cabinet;

In summary... you can save a life!

Mobile app


By opening the cabinet, just with a simple action, you’ll be able to:

call the Emergency Medical Services;
alert thousands of rescuers on their smartphones;
let them locate AED cabinet immediately;
allow the intervention of the closest rescuers.

In summary ... you can save a life!

An effective warning system (Mobile App) allows to alert thousands of rescuers in case of SCA: it is not only directed to rescuers but also to all the people, because it allows you to:
• Call the Emergency Medical Services and simultaneously activate the network of rescuers with a single click;
• Accept the request of help and be able to intervene in assistance;
• Locate the AED’s closest to you.

Each request for assistance received directly through the App contains:
• Address of the emergency’s place;
• Key to call those who have requested help;
• Map showing the nearest cabinet.

As additional support, you can be guided by the sat nav.



The defibrillator must be positioned in high visibility spots in order to be quickly identified in case of cardiac arrest: its location is therefore more appropriated inside an easy to use cabinet, to save precious time in urgent situations where every second counts.

Our cabinet provided in customized Video Screen or Totem version, will easily raise public awareness, advertising the life saving initiative and appealing potential new sponsors. In fact, besides cabinet’s main function to contain, protect and give visibility to the defibrillator, including an alarm system for door opening, our product is a high communication impact tool (e.g. customization of the cabinet with illustrations for operation use in case of SCA).

“Specifications and characteristics are subject to change without notice”

Monitor and manage your Defibrillator, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Are you sure that your AED is ready for use in case of SCA?

Defibrillators are life-saving devices, they must be always ready to be used in case of emergency: our solutions allow to constantly monitor your defibrillators and immediately alert rescuers when every second counts.

Centralized management system


Two-way integrated dialer with keyboard, equipped with environmental listening and a simulated telephone line.

Its main features are:
- provider test/best gsm signal based on available cells;
- credit exhaustion management, with voice alert and/or sms for low credit threshold (programmable threshold);
- remote control with voice guidance;
- local programming from keyboard, remote programming via sms;
- 8 programmable telephone numbers for voice calls and SMS.

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